MUSHE Features - Full Explanation

Crypto made simple.

Mushe Wallet

Crypto made simple. Our main focus is blockchain adoption, this can be achieved by familiarising products and services that directly improve the customer experience. Everything you need in one application, a multi cryptocurrency wallet to secure your favourite blockchain assets with privacy. Earn rewards by participating in our staking program, purchase crypto directly using a debit or credit card and swap your assets using XMU liquidity. Mushe wallet is a crossroad between security and flexibility, simplifying the navigation within the crypto market by disentangling the most complicated processes. The everyday user is accustomed to managing finances within their native currency and sharing value with contacts easily. The market of today lacks interconnection and ultimately makes it difficult to onboard entrant users. Mushe are working alongside ecosystem partners to help combat challenges such as blocked payments when purchasing crypto, lost funds from incorrect wallet addresses, complex memo IDs and hash addresses, subsequently removing all hassles faced. Majority of current projects are focused on experienced cryptocurrency users and hardly facilitate any features for entrant participants. Leaving new adopters to face frequent challenges including expensive transaction fees, restricted exchange options, difficulty with fiat purchases and interconnection limitations. Current Non custodial wallets offer secure storage solutions but are limited by their network. Mushe Wallet will be available to download on application stores for compatible mobiles devices and PCs, allowing the majority of users with a smartphone or device to access cryptocurrency in most places worldwide.

Mushe Chat

Our social platform plans to provide end to end encryption where users are in control of their own data. Messages sent from one Mushe user to another are sent directly. Send messages with your friends, family or your business partners without the fear of any third party providers intercepting. With tech giants monetising from users personal data, our decentralised application will be available to the public as a social media alternative. Each account will be associated with a Mushe Wallet, allowing users to use NFTs as profile pictures and send funds to contacts easily. Mushe chat enhances our views of a decentralised world where users can interact freely and have control over their data. Encourage friends and family to adopt cryptocurrency, by introducing them to a platform to socialise and share crypto privately. This also provides a platform for developers to interact with clients and share sensitive data. Mushe Chat was built with the web 3.0 ideology, intended to be more user specific and provide end to end encryption.

Decentralised Finance

Decentralised finance or DeFi is a system in which users can access financial products peer to peer, without excessive middleman charges. This emerging financial technology is built on blockchain, allowing transactions between multiple parties. DeFi can involve lending, sending or purchasing crypto assets. XMU is a decentralised token currently built on Ethereum's blockchain. Plans to progress integration from various ecosystem partners, holders of XMU can access DeFi products and rewards. We’ve allocated 5% of our assets to rewarding XMU holders, which is also known as staking. XMU holders are able to participate in staking, allowing early adopters to put their crypto to work and earn rewards. Note you must own 125,000 XMU to qualify for our staking program. Our products have been designed with a user friendly interface to encourage consistent application activity and onboarding new cryptocurrency users, yield farming can be a difficult concept to understand. Other Mushe DeFi products are more distinguishable by the general public. Mushe Lottery is a decentralised multi reward lottery, accessible via the Mushe Wallet. Note you must own XMU to participate in our decentralised lottery, XMU collected from the lottery will be removed eventually reducing the total supply.


Mushe are creating a metaverse for users to communicate and trade securely, hosting decentralised finance and gaming services for users to earn freely. MusheVerse is a universal virtual world for users to utilise all Mushe products to a seamless degree, socialise with friends and family whilst accessing Mushe and partner services. NFTs have representation of ownership within the MusheVerse, users will also be able to own property and land to participate within the ecosystem similar to a digital monopoly. Within the UK as it stands the average millennial will not be able to own a property in the future, MusheVerse gives an opportunity for the everyday person to capitalise on the virtual land and property market. Property developers have an opportunity to build projects within the musheverse and market their designs. With growth of XMU token and economy the value of the MusheVerse properties will increase. Metaverse is a network of immersive 3D experiences focused on social interaction and gaming. These experiences are facilitated by a virtual and augmented reality, allowing the integration of physical and virtual adventures. Everyday users, developers, businesses and content creators can monetise from the platform. Simply put, the metaverse is a virtual reality allowing individuals to experience things as they would in the real world. Introducing our ecosystem to communities outside of crypto to expand our platform to new users. Socialise, play and learn using Mushe. Playing to earn games is an emerging market within the metaverse where players can monetise from the amount of time they spent playing. The team are working on gaming concepts and activities to be built within the MusheVerse, during the development stages, XMU holders will be able to vote on concepts for gaming and design. XMU will be used to reward gamers for winning community competitions and peer to peer gaming. Use our decentralised messaging services to communicate with friends from around the globe, and wallet to access funds in the virtual and physical world.


A non fungible token or NFT is an immutable unit of data stored on a blockchain or DLT. This unit of data can be tracked, sold or traded. The NFT also provides proof of ownership on a blockchain. At this time NFT technology has not been thoroughly explored on its use case, with a market cap estimated around 10B we’re yet to see its full capacity. Over the past few years we’ve seen a substantial surge of interest in NFT artwork and technology. Creating unique artworks inspired by gaming nostalgia, nature and technology, NFTs have made an early imprint within the art markets. The Mushe team has analysed the NFT market and opted for familiarising the technology with products, so everyday users can participate in. Our initial NFTs will have gaming nostalgia artwork whilst having the role of representing a purchase transaction within the ecosystem. A portion of NFTs minted will be for collectible purposes, others for utility and some both. Further in the future, we'll develop more unique NFTs to assist expansion of our platform. Using the Mushe wallet to securely store NFTs and items within the MusheVerse, users can purchase NFTs that represent ownership of commercial and residential property, land, advertisement spaces and more. These can be purchased on the open NFT market place and verified on blockchain. Rewarding early adopters and ultimately giving ownership of the platform back to the users. Comprehending the MusheVerse platform is visualising a digital monopoly where the everyday person has the opportunity to have a seat at the table. Information on the release of Mushe NFTs and the MusheVerse launch can be found with our roadmap.

MetaVerse Banking

Mushe are working to secure a partnership with a digital bank to facilitate fluid transition between fiat to crypto, interoperable between day to day and metaverse transactions. Using the Mushe wallet to store your most valuable assets and uniting digital finance, individuals can access the XMU token within multiple verses. Improving the Metaverse user experience by having a seamless end to end process. The XMU token will remove geoeconomic and digital borders, providing a universal wallet for the future. Delivering simple customer UX UI interfaces, reinforced by unilateral education mediums, Mushe will target closing the mass population knowledge gap to further facilitate and grow fluidity of integration between fiat and digital finance portfolios. Through providing opportunities for the everyday person to establish greater understanding surrounding fiat, crypto and metaverse, in conjunction with supplying interoperable tools, it will enable greater prosperity and empowerment on the future financial management of the mass population and subsequent generations. Mushe believes everyone should have access to education to make their own choices, tools should be readily available for people to take action on their choices. Poor financial literacy is a key aspect impacting mental health. Creating a Social impact by educating the masses on digital currencies and financial management, aids minimising the unconscious mental suffering a significant population encounters through this lack of education through empowerment.